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What do Night Staff do in young people’s services?

Our residential services (children’s homes, 16+ services, Safe Steps and secure care) have 24 hour staffing to keep children and young people safe and make sure there is always someone around to help. But what do staff on a night shift do?

Bea is a Waking Nights Worker in a 16+ service. She is always there for young people if they want to speak in the evenings or at night.

“I wanted to work in this sector because I have always had good support from family friends. It’s just natural that I want everyone else to have the same support from someone who cares.

St Christopher’s is a home from home for children and young people. As I work nights I get to spend time with the young ladies in the home and I see them for who they are, all the good and bad bits, and they see bits of me they would not normally. It’s a privilege to be allowed into their world.

During every shift there are a number of things to do – from necessary paperwork to tidying up to health and safety checks. I am always present for the girls to talk or just sit in silence, doing whatever they want to do. Sometimes we watch TV, talk about issues or just have a laugh and act silly. I like listening to their dreams and desires.”

Young people told us that night workers make a real difference to their lives. They are there if your mind is racing and you can’t sleep at night. This is what they had to say.

“Some people think that being a Night Worker is not as important as the day. That there is not much to do as the kids in the home are sleeping and it is the day staff that do all the hard work and make a difference.

Let us tell you the real story. The truth is they matter the most.

Night times can be hard. They are when things are quiet and you have no distractions. It is when you can start to remember difficult times, you can start to think about being lonely. They are times when you can’t go out to see friends, to go for a swim or whatever it is you usually do to help make yourself feel better. They are times when you need the person working in your home the most.

When you are a Night Worker you have the chance to really make a difference. You can be the person who always asks how someone is, who helps us get a relaxing night time routine, who offers a cup of tea and a chat when we say we are worried about something. You can be the person who knows how important it is for where we live to feel warm and like a home.

You might not be the person who does all the key work, who takes us to all our appointments and meets with other professionals but you could be the one that matters. If we feel safe and as if we belong at night we can make the most of everything that is going on during the day.”

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