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"Forget the fact that this is a secure home; it is a children's home at its heart."

Secure care home

Secure residential children’s care home

Cronk Sollysh, St Christopher’s secure care home, is an option for young people aged 12-18 whose needs are better suited to a controlled placement setting. They can be accommodated on welfare, remand or custodial grounds. Though we maintain high levels of security and safety, we make sure the home feels like a home, not like an institution.

''I have appreciated how I have been treated here as I did not know what to expect.''

Support from staff creates opportunities for young people to consider their actions, reflect on the consequences and move forward when they leave the home. High quality care, education and therapeutic work make a positive impact to young people’s lives so they can successfully reintegrate into the community.

By showing young people the influence they can have over their own lives, they leave our home with improved self-esteem and positive decision making skills. This means they are well equipped to work towards their goals.

Our secure care home is available in these locations