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What’s it like to manage a children’s home?

Daniel manages one of our children’s homes. Here he explains what it’s like to work with young people and how he spends his days.

When I left my job as an electrician I knew I wanted to work with young people. I looked through the paper and saw the advert for St Christopher’s Fellowship. I applied and managed to get the job in a residential children’s home. I didn’t think I would to be honest with my lack of experience, but there is a lot of training for staff from the beginning.

I like my job because of the difference you can make with the young people. Every day is different and I have lots of fun. I think that you can learn a lot from the people we work with and I like how honest they are.

Now that I am a manager I find a new satisfaction to the job. I like working with others and trying to make the home a success by doing it the way me and my team see best.

The home I manage is a one-bed children’s home in Bedford. Working one-to-one you get the chance to really get to know the young person. You have the chance to work closely with each other and talk about lots of different things. The young person is able to progress in lots of areas and focus more deeply on certain issues if they need to.

We give young people the chance to take on new things they have never done before and also improve the things they are good at. They can learn with us and teach us things back in return, which is important. We offer good support to young people so they can achieve and be successful in the future.

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