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Empowering young people through educational provision

Residential school

Residential school

When you live in care, going to school every day can be difficult. There may be people who you don’t want to see or you might feel too upset to sit in structured lessons all day.

St Christopher’s first residential school is in one of our children’s homes in North London. Staff work with young people who are awaiting education placements or disengaged from mainstream education provisions.

Encouragement to learn

The Learning Hub curriculum is relevant and meaningful for all pupils. It’s a place where they can learn, develop and progress to a point where they are able to access mainstream education. We focus on raising their attainment levels and personal skills.

Young people have the opportunity to learn in a creative and encouraging setting, which encompasses a range of learning and teaching styles.

The curriculum will:

  • Deliver the current and future statutory requirements
  • Be broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated
  • Enable pupils to be challenged and reach their full potential
  • Prepare young people to make informed and appropriate choices post-16


Our residential school is available in these locations